Looking for regularTips and advice on how to Pass the National Driving Test?

Then this Blog together with relevant information posted on Facebook is the Ideal way to gain as much information on Driving on our Roads as possible. Have a look at some useful Driving Videos aswell to help you along in your goal to Pass your Driving Test.
To Pass the Irish Driving Test there is alot of work needed in order to Pass first time. Each Learner Driver must complete 12 EDT Driving Lessons with his/her ADI and put in as much practice as possible with their Sponsor in between lessons. To make the procedure that bit easier I regularly post helpful Driving Test Tips on both my Blog here and on the social media networks. I also upload Driving Videos and together with the regular posts, studying the rules of the road and road practice you will find your knowledge and quality of Driving improving dramatically!

Cycle Safety

Cycle Safety

Cycling has become alot more popular and common as an activity and form of exercise on our roads. For all information on the requirements of cyclists and their safety on our increasingly busier roads download the RSAs Booklet on Cycle Safety Here